Monday, July 21, 2008

Sonic, Shadow as Cartman, Cheese Burger, Dr. Tran's Bean Cup

What do Sonic, SpongeBob, Simpson, Southpark, McDonalds, Ebay, Dr. Tran, Slideshow Bob, Mario, and Zelda have in common?

Shadow as Cartman All having the same lyrics. Excellent Lip Sync
SpongeBob as Cartman
Now the Original: South Park - Kyle's Mom's a Bitch

Sonic singing Pizza!!
Sonic Shorts Volume 1
Sonic Halloween Costume 2
Sonic Advance Crackups
Youtube Poop: Sonic The Pervert
--- Youtube Poop: Sonic The Pervert Says "That's Good!"
--- Youtube Poop: Frustrated Sonic Insults the Kids
(Many versions are like this on you tube. Search "sonic sez" on youtube)
Sonic get down tonight
Sonic and Amy dogs Woohoo
Sonic Characters sings ebay Song

My Message on Irresponsible Drinking
YouTube Poop: BEAN CUP
Youtube Poop: Link the Prostitute
The King Wants CheeseBurgers 4: Part 1-4
The King + Reeses Pieces = Craziness
The King gets a Television (And a Wii)
Ganondorf's Kingdom

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