Friday, June 20, 2008

Earth LED bulbs can now replace Incandescent and CFL bulbs

EarthLED EvoLux Challenge - How to Replace a 100 Watt Light

EarthLED EvoLux R w/EvoDim Demo Dimmable LED Light Bulb

After doing my stringent cost analysis, I have determined that you will definitely save electricity and money by switching from CFL light bulbs to LED light bulbs. However, you need to spend less than $60 per light bulb (60W incandescent bulb output each) and use it for a long time (like more than 9 years) to realize the money saving.

If you plan to purchase LED bulbs now, you need to be careful and read carefully on the specification. Buying the correct kind of bulbs that meets your expectation is very important. I had someone on ebay who sold me joker LED bulbs before. I have compared almost all the LED bulbs on the market that I can find on the Internet and I found out EarthLED is the cheapest with very favorable light output (cheapest $ per lumen with longlasting life). These are not the cheap 'n inferior "bright" LED bulbs that are 30-40W replacement at most on sale on ebay. These are high quality bulbs that are more costly, but they will save you a good deal of money in a long run compare to the most efficient kind of money. These bulbs that I recommend are no joke anymore. I am serious. They have dimmable ones too.

Cost of LED bulbs is getting cheaper and cheaper. If you still have a lot of CFL bulbs, use all of them until they all die, and then buy the new LED bulbs.

Warmness of CFL and LED bulbs: Warm white or cold white?

Studies has shown that warm white bulbs are better choice for enhancing good academic performance than cold white bulbs.
Full Spectrum lighting and Seasonal Affective Disorder

What you pick for your home lighting has connections with Seasonal Affective Disorder. I recommend putting full spectrum bulbs at where you do computing and reading, while putting LED bulbs in dinning area, lounge, bathroom(s), and garage(s) that requires prolonged lighting.

Problems of CFL bulbs
Choices of LED bulbs that can replace 60W+ incandescent bulbs

This is an incomplete list, I have across several others that are not up to par on the price but matching the amount of lumens output as EarthLED.
Other comments on LED bulbs

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