Saturday, April 19, 2008

I Will Survive, Immortal, Sogno ad Occhi Aperti (Daydream),Marilyn Manson

A goofy violinist plays the '70s disco hit "I Will Survive."

Immortal - Beyond The North Waves
Immortal_As The Eternity opens
Parodia black metalu ;p (Apricot)

Marilyn Manson
Marilyn Manson is very intelligent and he is a true artist.
His music is good for openminded and critical people who have brains.
Not for stupid people.
And Stupid people just can't handle guns.
If you love guns for self-defense, you may love nuclear weapons.
His music is very good and expressive.

Giovanni Sollima - Sogno ad Occhi Aperti (Daydream) PART 1 and 2
Directed by Lasse Gjertsen Copyrights: Casa Musicale Sonzogno, Milan, 2007 This is a music video for the italian cellist Giovanni Sollima, on two of his compositions; "Terra Aria" and "Concerto Rotondo".

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