Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Megawoosh Waterslide Viral


(-) 1. The halfway down the ramp was uneven. The so-called frictionless material were simply laid on top of the bumps of the hill - The guy would have fallen out from the ramp even before he reached down half of the slide with that kind of speed.
2. The sound effect is too loud for the almost frictionless material. The sound must be added in post-production.
3. I suspect he is flying higher than the place he slid from, which is not possible in physics.

(+) Very believable CG.

See also;_ylt=Albn638j0YYyc2NFsJtiShJl7ot4;_ylu=X3oDMTB2c2R2OWR0BHBvcwMyMgRzZWMDY29tbWVudExpc3QEc2xrA25leHQ-#comments

Friday, August 22, 2008

The greatest site about hot-deals with real links and real promotion with zero advertising!

I got cheap stuff like this because I am so informed about the market from - Microsoft Office $60 for Students

If you have an email address ending in ".edu" you can buy Microsoft Office Ultimate 2007 for $60. This is a legitimate promotion offered by Microsoft. An ".edu" email address is required to prove you are affiliated with a college, because Microsoft Office Ultimate normally costs over $200. - 1TB Hard Drive $140
Seagate ST31000340AS 1TB (1000GB) Serial-ATA Hard Drive for $140 with free shipping.

HP C7280 Thermal Inkjet Printer/Scanner/Fax for $120 with coupon code EMCAJBKAF . Other stores sell it for around $270, and it can communicate with a wireless router, so any computer on your network can print to it.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fuck Paypal, Viacom, Ebay, Fox News & Monopoly

Playlist: Politics - Corporate vs. Citizens

Viacom Censorship! Paypal lies about your money! Ebay has sellers selling crap but ebay turn a blind eye to them! Fox News is deceiving!

Corporate greed!

Viacom....Behind all Evil
The truth about Paypal Reverse Scams JOIN THE FIGHT!
why ebay sellers should not take paypal
PayPal Warning Part One (I can't find the part Two)
paypal: audio recording - adults only (Paypal is retarded)
Me[Someone] smashing the fake phone I bought on Ebay.
fox news owned
MSNBC Slams Fox News For Being Racists "Akin to KKK" 3/22

Sonic, Shadow as Cartman, Cheese Burger, Dr. Tran's Bean Cup

What do Sonic, SpongeBob, Simpson, Southpark, McDonalds, Ebay, Dr. Tran, Slideshow Bob, Mario, and Zelda have in common?

Shadow as Cartman All having the same lyrics. Excellent Lip Sync
SpongeBob as Cartman
Now the Original: South Park - Kyle's Mom's a Bitch

Sonic singing Pizza!!
Sonic Shorts Volume 1
Sonic Halloween Costume 2
Sonic Advance Crackups
Youtube Poop: Sonic The Pervert
--- Youtube Poop: Sonic The Pervert Says "That's Good!"
--- Youtube Poop: Frustrated Sonic Insults the Kids
(Many versions are like this on you tube. Search "sonic sez" on youtube)
Sonic get down tonight
Sonic and Amy dogs Woohoo
Sonic Characters sings ebay Song

My Message on Irresponsible Drinking
YouTube Poop: BEAN CUP
Youtube Poop: Link the Prostitute
The King Wants CheeseBurgers 4: Part 1-4
The King + Reeses Pieces = Craziness
The King gets a Television (And a Wii)
Ganondorf's Kingdom

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Playlist: Stupid HK Girls
Hong Kong Maxim Grill master got fired because of a Hong Kong Bitch
Hong Kong Girl got crazy 1
Hong Kong Girl got crazy 2
Roadshow Yannes teaches Hong Kong Girls self-photoshots(Roadshow yannes教港女自拍十式) (ILL!)
Hong Kong Girl was crazy at midnight after a boy dumped her (they tied her up, and transferred her to the asylum hospital)
Hong Kong Girl bully a little boy
Hong Kong Girls bully foreigners
A Girl from Hong Kong dance at HK MTR Train Station (JEEZ!)

Crazy Japanese train loaders
The Invisible Rope
--WORDS OF WARNING: A couple kids from Connecticut were arrested for 2nd degree reckless endangerment after causing an accident. Please be careful and only try this on straight roads with slow speed limits and little traffic. "Playing Tug-o-war across the street but without a rope." Props to Pogu3 for the idea.
Making pop corn with cell phones
Cellphone vs Microwave
Geico with Peter Frampton
You're 18!!!
Animator vs. Animation II (original)
Madonna Hung Up On Crack Short Version

Creative Loading
This is a tricky way to load up. But after watching it, I realize maybe this is the best method.

Big Ass Robosaurus!!!
Good for the next IEW at WSU.